The Generations 345/3/6 cellular automata rule

For the past couple of years, I've been running this particular CA rule from small viable seeds routinely to 100,000 and 150,000 iterations and selectively beyond. Over 500 have been run to 100,000 and and the first 130 of them plus a few to 150,000, but runs longer than that can take a month or more computer time and so have been more selective.

The main remaining task from that work is to turn many files of notes into a coherent story to further populate this site, but it is at least now appropriate to link to many of the whole pattern compressed renderings and detail animations that have been produced along the way.

Compressed enhanced renderings of the generated patterns can be found at:

There is a mixed collection of sometimes over large animations of mostly lower level detail which also includes examples from some other rules, at least until I can get to clean it up a bit.

There is also the start of a collection of mostly even more basic illustrations to support a planned glossary.

Finally for now, there has been some uneven discussion of the discoveries in a TransForum thread over the past couple of years.

I called a stop to further work on this rule because an opportunity has developed to explore a much larger rule space, or at least the still large enough subsection thereof where many of the basic characteristic mechanisms I've become very familiar with over the past two years also apply, but with much wider variation. News from this follow up project is being reported on my new "what I'm on about" page,, along with a bit more of the overall context for all this research.

The image below has been retained from the original placeholder version of this page to show the original justification for rotating a 200,000 iteration rendering.

Checking max growth of MargLyn's 3/7 engine beside print of The Wild at 200,000.